If you would like to join a committee, you may sign up at any Austin IPLA meeting or by contacting our President at

Amicus: The Amicus Committee is responsible for reviewing significant IP issues at issue on appeal, advising the Board regarding issues that may be suitable for briefing, and preparing amicus briefs on issues of significance to the membership of the Austin IPLA.

Chair: Aden Allan
Members: George Webb, Alexandra Bistline, Stephen Dartt, Janis Clements, Christopher Granaghan, Craig Jepson, Aashish Kapadia, Puneet Kohli, Jeffrey Mills, and David O'Brien
BoD Liason: Brian Nash

Awards (formerly Outstanding Inventor Award): Each year the Austin IPLA solicits and reviews nominations for an inventor or joint inventors to be recognized with the Association's "Outstanding Inventor Award," which is presented at the Annual Federal Judges Appreciation Dinner in the fall. Members of the Awards Committee are responsible for evaluating and selecting the winner of our annual Inventor of the Year Award, as well as considering the interest and viability of other potential awards, in the other IP fields such as trademark and copyright.

Co-Chairs: Stephanie DeBrow and Brian Prewitt
Members: Ashwin Anand, Alexandra Bistline, Chad Ennis, Michelle LeCointe, Stewart Mesher, Michael Vongaramvilai, and Nash Zogaib
BoD Liason: Steve Meelen

Legislative Affairs and By-Laws: The Legislative Affairs and Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting on pertinent pending legislation and new laws and rules, as well as maintaining the Bylaws and recommending amendments.

Chair: Janis Clements
Member: Paul Stellman
BoD Liason: Kim Vo

Public Relations/Education/Pro Bono: The Public Relations/Education/Pro Bono Committee is responsible for, among other things, promoting pro bono efforts and acting as a liaison to organizations focused on pro bono support.

Chair: Kenton R. Mullins
Members: Ashwin Anand, Heather Flanagan, Bill Husley, Paul Stellman, and Nash Zogaib
BoD Liason: Jennifer Kuhn

Administration: The Administration Committee is responsible for assisting with administrative decisions, such as evaluating new venues for our annual Judge's appreciation dinner and monthly CLE luncheons.

Chair: Valerie Barker
Members: Cat Garza, Chad Ennise, Alexandra Bistline, and Prateek Shah.
BoD Liason: Jennifer Kuhn


Chair: Jerry Suva
Member: Senaida San Miguel, Erik Combs, Stephen Stout, and Martin Wojcik
BoD Liason: Kim Vo